Guide to car auctions

It is now possible to buy a very recent used car at a price unbeatable.

How? With to the auto auction.

So what are the important steps in buying a car at an auto auction?

What are the points to remember?

Mercier-Automobile told you a few points.


Step 1 : Attend the exhibition vehicles

Before bidding at auction , you will first attend the exhibition available to the auto auction vehicles.

The exhibitions are traditionally held on Sunday afternoon.

To find the vehicle that you have identified on the website during the exhibition , you can simply raise the number found on the list of vehicles sold at the car auction .

The exhibition will let you know if the vehicle is spotted your initial expectations .

Check that there are no defect large and small on the car.

Once your vehicle choices made in the direction of the auction …

Good to know: the vehicles will be sold at auction in the order of the list provided on the site or the venue


A note about VAT will be applied to the list:

  • VAT: though some vehicles have this annotation list , it means that some vehicles are eligible for VAT recovery for professionals. An invoice mentioning the VAT will be delivered to the purchaser.


During the exhibition , buyers will be surrounded by the staff of the auto auction and will be able to start their vehicles if they wish .



Step 2 : the auto auction in auction room

The organization of the auto auction is organized by auctioneers « experts ».

These will pass before your eyes different vehicles sales and list their different characteristics.

The auto auction vehicle submitted starts at a price fixed in advance.

The auctions are aloud or simply by raising your hand.

Once you hear the word « awarded », you will be the proud owner of the vehicle as expected.

To start with your car, you must pay cash buying, and this within 5 days.



Step 3 : the contract note

Before buying a car at the auto auction, it will take préalabe provide additional charges may be added to vehicle price:

  • Auction fees




Payment of the purchased vehicle at the auto auction

The settlement amount will be made in cash on the day of the sale or during the week.

So you will come up with a means of payment in order.

It will also be possible to pay within 48 hours with a cashier’s check, credit card or bank transfer.


Upon payment, the recipient will be able to recover the following:

  • Vehicle invoice
  • Certificate of public sale of the vehicle (this document will allow you to request a new gray card)
  • Gray card
  • Technical control


According rooms automobile auction sales, some other documents may also be given to you:

  • History / maintenance booklet
  • Expert report
  • Declaration purchase


This list is not exhaustive.

You now have all the elements in hand to buy a cheap used car not at a auto auction.



Bid becomes a breeze.

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