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Mechanical safeguards

Take advantage of the mechanical safeguards: the Mercier institutions recommend the company CIRANO, insurance brokerage firm registered with the Orias under number 07003120, offering a wide range of mechanical breakdown warranty, electric, electronics and solutions term insurance.

Mechanical warranty covers parts and labor.



The rates are as follows :


Type of véhicle Monthly payment (TTC)
Inferior or less 4CV 10,00 €
Between 5 and 7 CV 15,00 €
Between 8 and 9 CV 20,00 €
Between 10 and 12 CV 25,00 €
Between 13 and 19 CV 30,00 €




Véhicles : Vehicles of all brands presented at the Argus, less than 3.5 tons, less than 20 hp (4×4 included).


Age / Kilométers : Less than 10 years and less 150 000km.


Type / Usage : Used Vehicles (VP or VU) used to use outside use such as taxi driving school, VSL, ambulance, use for shows, stunts, sporting events or speed, rally, rental company, freight company . Private usage.


Energy : Gasoline vehicles, diesel, electric, LPG (if original).


Duration : 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. An excess of 30 days shall be applied when the contract.


Territorial limits : The contract is limited to repairs made within the European Union (excluding DOM-TOM).


Ceiling refunds  : For the duration of the contract, the maximum amount, all interventions combined, is limited to the value of the vehicle odometer Argus day last crash (but can not exceed € 1,500 per donnage). No damage can be supported for vehicles more than 200 000km.


Services included 

  • A contractual card sent to the client.
  • A service manages customer relations disputes related to the contract from Monday to Saturday from 9h to 19h without interruption
  • The contract is transferable owners.



Mechanical coverage :

Support includes the cost of parts and labor, according to the manufacturer fee schedule, caused by repair or exchange of defective parts of vehicles which the contract. The price of labor will be paid the going rate of repair.


Are included in the contract the following parts :


Motor : camshaft, connecting rods, timing chain lubricated, shirts (except the housing and seals), bearings, rocker arms, crankshaft, gears, pistons and shafts, oil pumps, lifters, rings, valves.


Gear box : Synchro rings, input and output shafts, internal and axes ranges (except the housing and seals, transfer case, and overdrives) pigneons, bearings, locking.


Auto gear box. (< of 120 000km) : Internal and lubricated parts, calculator, torque converter, solenoid, hydrolic block, speed sensors, oil pressure sensor, oil pump.


Bridge : internal lubricated bridge, sprockets and bearings parts, satellites.