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What is the origin of vehicles offered for sale?


Vehicles offered for sale are from :

  • Leasing companies (24-36 months)
  • Credit companies
  • vehicle manufacturers
  • Successions
  • Administrations, PTT, EDF, France Télécom…
  • Bankruptcies of companies


For these companies, the public auction is the preferred sales channel.



How to discover vehicles prior to their acquisition ?


Presented in full on the and announced in the press website, each sale is preceded by an exhibition.


This is an essential step before a good buy.

We recommend a visual inspection of the vehicle.


The team MERCIER study is available to answer your questions and advise you.

A list with all the characteristics of vehicles is available at the hotel reception sales.



Where and when took place the public auctions of vehicles?


Vehicles are presented and sold two Mondays per month MARCQ EN BAROEUL (large boulevard LILLE – Roubaix) and 2 Mondays a month VENDEVILLE (opposite the A1 motorway).


Public exhibitions are held on Sundays from 14:30 to 18:30, and Monday, the day of sale, from 9am to hotel sales of MARCQ EN BAROEUL.


The hotel sales of VENDEVILLE on sunday from 14h to 18h and on Monday, the day of sale from 9am.
Sales are made on sites specifically designed for vehicle sales.



What are the guarantees ?


All vehicles offered for sale have been a technical inspection AFNOR.

In addition, some vehicles coming back from leasing are presented with their service history.

This document will allow you to determine monitoring.


In addition, some vehicles have been dynamic control in addition to the technical control.

It is here , on a test drive 3 kms from which is produced by specialized expertise and controllers in an additional technical mind control.


Most vehicles can benefit from a mechanical warranty, optional extra price.

These warranties apply to all internal parts lubricated and moving the engine, the gearbox ( manual or automatic ) , transmission ( bridge , drive shaft ) , PTO and etc … turbocharger (internal organ turbo, valve , shaft, etc …).


Underwriting guarantees contracted for a period of 3 to 6 or 12 months.

Extracts general conditions of subscription are available at the hotel reception sales.


A counselor is available to answer all your questions.



How is made the sale ?


This is an auctioneer who runs the sale.


It is done according to a predetermined order of passing on a list, available to you at the entrance auction houses.


Each vehicle is presented to the public, with its technical and administrative characteristics.


A poster showing all the characteristics of the vehicle and technical control are affixed to the windshield.


The auction is carried out loud or geste.Au pronounced the word « awarded » the ultimate recipient contractor present a photo ID and a deposit room (single check deposit by credit card or cash).


If you can not attend the sale, you can leave an absentee bid to the auctioneer or any of its employees.


All information is provided for the home or public exhibition prior to the sale.



How to realize the payment ?


Sales expressly made ??in cash, the auction price is increased selling expenses (Schedule available at home or on the lists) and the amount of fees.


Payment can be in cash if the tender + fee does not exceed ? 3,000 for individuals.

Beyond that, it can be made by bank certified check.

In addition, bank transfer is perfectly possible in the auction houses of MERCIER study.



When can I take possession of the vehicle purchased ?


The vehicle may be removed dice payment times until Friday following the sale.


Beforehand, you will be issued a folder containing all the technical and administrative documents of the vehicle to present the prefecture for the mutation of gray card..



How to make an insurance ?


You can subscribe on-site temporary car insurance.

An insurer is here to answer all your questions on the subject. It is proposed :

  • 4 types of package: 24 hours, 3 to 7 or 15 days and that, upon delivery of your vehicle. You can also benefit from special rates for your auto insurance.
  • Opportunity to secure your vehicle from the insurer.
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